Provides external accountability certification which is :

1. Increasingly demanded by the general public, parents, and students.
2. Increasingly demanded from the sports industry and potential employers.
3. Consistent with many college/university accountability processes.
4. Keeping programs on the leading edge of trends in higher education.

Creates an enhanced reputation for your Sport Management Program :

1. Provides competitive advantage relative to other institutions.
2. Improves the reputation of the Sport Management program within your institution.

Provides external assurance of quality in your Sport Management programs :

1. Ensures that the characteristics of excellence are evident in your curriculum and co-curricular experiences.
2. Ensures that students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to function effectively in the sport management industry.
3. Supports and promotes best practices in sport management education.
4. Recognizes good performance.

Provides an effective mechanism for continuous improvement

WSF Certification

1. Is proactive.
2. Confronts the changing environment.
3. Provides motivation to maintain and improve program quality.
4. Integrates continuous improvement into the certification process.
5. Is flexible in working with programs at all stages of development.
6. Formalizes current and existing processes that are already in alignment with
7. Is robust, rigorous, recognized and highly regarded.

WSF principles :

1. Provides a mechanism for program delivery and program advocacy.
2. Working with WSF
3. Assists in justifying/leveraging needed faculty and facilities resources.
4. Helps support curricular improvements.
5. Identifies operation and management needs.
6. Encourages interdepartmental coordination.

Membership Benefits :

1. A Membership with WSF offers the benefits of an organization filled with like-minded counterparts.
2. WSF members receive also member discounts on WSF services, access to member exclusive resources and opportunities.
3. The WSF offers access to a wide network of major brands, retailers, manufacturers, direct contacts to executives and specialists of the sporting goods industry. br 4. The WSF organizes specialized high-profile events and supports in business expansion.
5. WSF affiliation is open to individuals interested in transforming(improving) product quality in the United States through inter professional collaboration , including those in the athletes, educators, organizational and institutional leaders, new and emerging health care providers, payment systems, community representatives and policy-makers.
6. The ability to advertise about sports international jobs positions in cooperation with Global Sports Jobs.

WSF members receive special prices on sport products and services, including WSF Products :

The WSF is offering a variety of services, some of them are restricted to WSF Members and some are applicable according to special conditions. WSF provides information on certification services, specialist training services and development. If you would like further information on the customer satisfaction survey, complaints and appeals process this can be found in customer services. WSF Members Services :

Connection to a broad array of individuals and organizations advancing inter professional collaboration in education and practice within the United States and through WSF’s alliance with the inter professional.

WSF represents its members in the sporting goods industry for the International Olympic Committee and International Sports Federations including equipment and advertisement regulations.